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Myles and Colleen HansenMyles and Colleen both grew up in the Weldon, Saskatchewan area on mixed farms. 

Myles’ roots stem back to the Maine Anjou cattle breed. His family operated Hansen’s Maine Anjou and were very involved in the breed in the late 70s, 80s and 90s. 

As time went on and things changed, Myles purchased his own farm in 1999, but he never forgot the influence that the LGH prefix had on him and the breed.
Colleen was raised just down the road from Myles with a herd of Purebred Charolais.  Her parents had have the main R-Bar Charolais herd at their home farm for over 40 years now.  Her father got her involved with the cattle at a young age and she has always had a soft spot for her white ones.  She still owns and breeds a handful of Charolais cows and they have found a place at Hansen Livestock as well.
Myles and Colleen were married in the fall of 2010 and that is when Hansen Livestock was “officially” born.  Their main focus is to raise quality, functional cattle that turn out well wherever they go. 

2013 was a year of big changes at Hansen Livestock as Myles and Colleen welcomed their daughter, Paisley Dawn in February.  Raising a family on the farm has been something they always wanted. That is how they were brought up and they feel there is no better way to raise their children than on the family farm. Some of the farm tasks have been modified to help incorporate family life but they cannot imagine things any other way! 
The following years blessed the Hansens with two more additions to their family as Rhett Lorne arrived in 2015, followed by Dawsyn Diana in 2018. Life has continued to get busier but definitely in a good way!

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